Morning at ILC, May 12 2017



India – October 21

Leaving for home in about eight hours, thought I would post these few last pictures from today before I go.

We spent today at another pastors’ workshop in Tiruvallure west of Chennai. On the way there we passed some interesting sights, such as this Hindu temple. There seem to be many of these along every roadway. “And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
I Cor. 16:11.


Two guys, two goats, and a motorcycle. What could go wrong?


Uniformed school boys on their way to school:


Uniformed school girls under the watchful eye of the crossing guard.


More houses from “Horton Hatches a Who.”


Need any pots? This guy has them (assuming there’s a guy and a motorcycle under all that).


When we arrived at the seminar, this woman was preparing spices across the alley.


Interior of the church in Tiruvallure. By the time the seminar started all the chairs were full and the carpet on the left was full of students sitting cross-legged.


Two pastors discussing a passage during the tea break.


Tea break fellowship.


One pastor brought his young son, who listened intently to the whole presentation. A future Lutheran pastor?


How about a few bananas to put in those pots?


More goats.


If rice is so great, how come half of Chennai is lined up at KFC?


At first I thought these were nurses. Then I thought, “Those would have to be awfully young nurses.” I guess it’s just another school uniform.


Best job in Chennai – riding in the back of a liquor truck.


A beggar working the taxis at a stoplight. The stark face of poverty seems never far away in India.


I’m so appreciative to the CLC Project Kinship Committee for giving me this opportunity, and I know I’m always going to remember the new friends I met for the first time, and the old friends whom I had previously known only by correspondence. May God keep them, and our courageous missionaries and their families, all in His tender care until we meet again, if not here, then in the mansions above.026